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Canal du Nivernais

Our family rented, piloted, and slept on a 13 meter canal boat for a week in Burgundy. We traveled 90 kilometers up the Canal du Nivernais, through about 50 locks, 6 drawbridges, and some of the most beautiful countryside and villages we have ever seen.

There were four of us from California, Brian, Julie, Patrick (age 10), Christopher (age 6), and Evie (Julies mom) from Dallas. We thought that this would be a vacation that we would remember forever, and we were right!

These pages try to capture at least part what we saw, did, and felt. You will find this site a combination of a diary, guide, photo album, and general overview of canal boat vacations. To our friends we are trying to share what our family experienced. To others we hope that this will give you an idea of what you could expect from a similar vacation.

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Monceaux le Comte